Visual Studio Professional 2019 Product Key 5 User – Lifetime License Key


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Visual Studio Professional 2019 Product Key – Lifetime License Key


  • Visual Studio 2019 Professional offers intelligent software development assistance, combining features from Visual Studio 2017 with new practical functions. It provides developers and companies with an integrated development environment (IDE) for efficiently writing code and identifying errors across various programming languages and platforms.

Key Features:

  1. Simplified Cooperation and AI Features:
    • Navigate easily with aids for visually impaired developers.
    • Enhanced refactorings and reworked solution loads and builds.
    • Expanded debugger tool options.
    • Real-time collaboration with Live Share.
    • IntelliCode feature for AI-assisted code quality improvements.
  2. Development for Different Platforms:
    • Develop solutions for various platforms, including mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows.
    • Share coding and debugging work among team members.
    • Smooth integration of existing code into Visual Studio.
  3. Professional Development Tools for Small to Medium-Sized Companies:
    • Boost team productivity with powerful functions for viewing and amending large data volumes directly in code mode.
    • Easily find code references and passed tests.
    • Access planning tools for Agile Projects and clear diagrams.
    • Receive upcoming updates and bug fixes with the purchase of a Visual Studio license.

Purchase and Support:

  • Small companies and freelancers benefit from Visual Studio’s programming aids, available for easy download from Lizengo. With an original license, users gain access to extensive support services, including assistance with software selection and installation. Expert Lizengo staff are available to help throughout the process.


  • Visual Studio 2019 Professional is a comprehensive development environment designed to enhance productivity and collaboration for developers and companies. With simplified cooperation features, AI assistance, and support for various platforms, it caters to a wide range of programming needs. Small to medium-sized companies can significantly improve team productivity with Visual Studio’s professional development tools and ongoing updates. Purchase Visual Studio 2019 Professional from Lizengo for access to original software and expert support services.